Thursday, 24 November 2011


Reading: The whole of the Miller


1. Do you think that 'murder is wrong' expresses a fact? If yes, why so?

2. What is cognitivism? What is Ayer's version? What would they say in response to question 2?

3. What is logical positivism? How would this lead to an arugment against Moore?

4. What does it mean to say that 'murder is wrong' is an expression, not a saying (see pg 37)?

5. What is the implied error problem?

6. What is the Frege Geach problem? Think of your own example of the syllogism on pg 40-41 (staments 8 and 9 leading to 10). Is your example an example of a valid arugment? How often do we reason like this in everyday life?

7. What is Blackburn's response to the Frege Geach problem?

8. Why does Wright think Blackburn's response doesnt work?

9. What is commitment theoretic semamtics?

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