Saturday, 12 November 2011

Rule Following

Main reading: Kripke, sections in the coursepack

Additional: Please make sure you understand the three responses mentioned below (Kripke's own, dispositional, and Boghossian's). If you do not, the Boghossian paper is very useful.


1. What does Kripke say it is to grasp a rule?

2. What is the sceptic's hypothesis re: plus and quss?

3. What are the 2 forms of the challenge on pg 11? Which do you think is stronger?

4. What is the differene between Quine and Wittgenstien discussed on pg 14?

5. Pn pg 15 Kripke takes it that a finite number of examples is not enough to fix the meaning. Why?

6. Why does the rule suggested on pg 16 not fix this problem?

7. What is the dispotional response? What are its problems?

8. What is Kripke's own response? (From the lecture notes)

9. What is Boghossian's response? (From the lecture notes/additonal reading)

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