Friday, 2 December 2011

Railton on Realism

Reading: Railton, Moral Realism


1. Is it possible to be serious about moraility without being a moral realist? What does Railton think? What do you think?

2. What is the position Railton calls "stark raving moral realism"?

3. What is the fact/vaule distinction?

4. Do moral staments express vaules or facts? What do you think? What does Railton think?

5.What is the Lonnie example (pg 174)? What is it supposed to show?

6. "Where is the place in explanation for facts about what OUGHT to be the case - dont facts about the way things ARE do all the explaining there is to be done?" pg 185. How would Railton respond to this type of question?

7. How could a notion of degrees of moral rightness participate in explanations of behavior? (pg 191 +)

8.What 3 patternms in the evolution of moral norms seem to bear out the predictions Railton makes? (pg 197 +)

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