Friday, 28 October 2011


Reading: Chapter 7 of the Brock and Mares

1. What things do you want to be a realist about? What things do you want to be anti realist about? Where does colour fit in?

2. What do error theorists about colour claim?

3. What is Democritus' argument for error theory?

4. What are the 2 versions of compostionality on pg 98? Is either plausable?

5. Is it possible to eliminate colour talk from our language? What are the consequences if we can/cannot?

6. What is physicalism?

7. Why might you want to endorse physicalism? Why might you not?

8. What is response dependence? How would they define 'redness'?

9. What problems does the response dependence theorist face?

10. Whats non reductive realism?

11. Whats Hardin's objection?

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